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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Theme (8-Bit) I 

Oh my god I am so sorry headphone users I didn’t test it out on those so I didn’t know it sounds so awful!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Response-ish Web Design


Two BBC News codebases are not better than one. But until the responsive site is finished the desktop site can’t be retired. Read on to find out how Responsive Web Design is being used to keep both sites up to date.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guardian Witness: The Guardian’s experiment with citizen journalism is exactly what student media needs

This morning, the Guardian released Guardian Witness. Described by The Guardian: 'Share your view of the world - Your chance to have videos, photos and stories featured on the Guardian', the website and corresponding app allows anyone to submit photos, videos, and text to the Guardian.

The editorial team at The Guardian will be suggesting ‘assignments’ (current ones include Views of tall buildings, The cuts get personal, and Syria refugees: your stories) that users of the app are able to contribute their own content to.

The Guardian have made it as easy to submit content to their assignments, as it is to tweet a photo from an event, or share a video onto YouTube.

Student media, often plagued by the inability to gather together good content and stories, should definitely take note. University campuses are now filled with thousands of students, most of whom have smartphones. When looking for the next big story, or photos and video from an event, it’s easy to see how an app like this, that connects the newsroom to the students, could be really useful. Not only would the newsroom have an abundance of content and material, but students would be able to get their photos and videos featured as the story develops, their own 30 seconds of fame.

Embracing students in this way is great for student media. It helps their image, encourages students to engage with stories, share stories with their friends (getting more clicks, reads, likes, and so on), and maybe students will start getting more involved in student media.

You can watch a video of the app in action here:

What do you think? Should people be giving their content away to The Guardian for free? Or are we doing it anyway on Twitter and other social networks, and is it a clever move by The Guardian to bring that content together?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

data visualization is a halfway house



(Image credit: A.Koblin for RadioHead)

This is a phrase that has stuck with me since Tim O’Reilly uttered some form of it two years ago.  Tim was talking about online cartography, saying it’s not the maps that matter: it’s getting to our destination.  Maps are a half-step short of that goal.  And in a world of navigational algorithms and self-driving cars, maps become less useful as tools.

Likewise, data visualization is a halfway house: a stopping place on the path from data to decision.

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Crowdsourced Google Map of independent music retailers.

Crowdsourced Google Map of independent music retailers.

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Live streaming kittens. Exactly what the internet was built for!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Something I came across which is very useful.

A neat circle-based ‘To Do’ system

Empty: Item is new in the listDot: The next item you want to tackleDiagonal slash: An item you have startedCross: Cancelled! You’ve binned this itemHalf filled: You’re halfway though this taskFilled: Yay! Task completed

Something I came across which is very useful.

A neat circle-based ‘To Do’ system

Empty: Item is new in the list
Dot: The next item you want to tackle
Diagonal slash: An item you have started
Cross: Cancelled! You’ve binned this item
Half filled: You’re halfway though this task
Filled: Yay! Task completed

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